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21 jan. 2005

Podcasting with Adam Curry

Yes ladies and gentleman Adam Curry is back !!!

A couple of weeks ago I came across something called podcasting. Podcasting is all about recording your own radio show and put it online through an RSS channel. You could call it radio-on-demand, instead of watching a video when you want (video-on-demand), you can now listen to a radio show of your choice when you want. I love this, because every morning it takes me about an hour to drive to work, and I really don't like the radio shows they are playing at that hour. So now I download Adam Curry's "Daily Source" radio show to my MP3 player when I drive to work.

Why the hell is it called podcasting, I hear you say. Well it seems that Adam owns an Apple iPod to listen to MP3's. And he wanted to hear radio shows from his iPod. So now you know why it is called podcasting.

How do you start listening to podcasts, well the first thing you should do is install an RSS reader so you can subscribe to RSS feeds. Another possibility is to download podcast software, I downloaded iPodder and jPodder and they are able to download the sound files when you want.
When you've got your software up and running just Google for podcasting or go directly to

Today you have to listen to a lot of podcasts to find one that suits you, because most of them aren't from real DJ's like Adam but from regular people like you and me. So what I hope is that also radio stations will start podcasting so I can listen to those shows as well when I want to. So if someone from StuBru is reading this, please go up to your boss and beg him for starting podcasts.