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27 jan. 2005

iPod Shuffle

A very cheap iPod I thought by myself (only $99) when I saw an advertisement of an iPod Shuffle passing by. So I went to Apple's web site and found out that I actually saw a USB memory stick put into an iPod jacket.

At first I thought it was a real rip off because it doesn't even have a screen where you can see which song is playing. But then I realized that I never use the screen of my MP3 player to see which song is playing. I don't even care which song is playing, when I hear a song for which I am not in the mood I just press the next button and again and again until I find a song I like.

I think the iPod shuffle is made for the oudoors user who is busy and just wants to listen to some music and doesn't care about which song they are listening at.

Although you can find cheaper USB MP3 players that have a screen, none of them look as nice as the iPod shuffle.


At 6:25 p.m., Blogger jade said...

You are right. The ipod shuffle is a beauty although it's without a face.


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