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12 mei 2005

MS-IE favourites online

Favourites or bookmarks are really nice as long as you are working on the PC where you made them. But what when you're using another PC ? E.g. you are using your Colleaugue's PC or you are on holiday... .

It crossed my mind several times to build a browser plug-in that would store my bookmarks on my web site everytime I come across an interesting site. But you know the story about lazy programmers don't you ? Well they have thousands of little projects in mind but they only solve a very small part of them, at least in my case :-)

But now Micro$oft comes to the rescue with a page that keeps track of your IE favourites, don't know if it works with Firefox or Opera ... maybe I'll try it out some time and report on it. In the meanwhile I'm using it with IE.

If you want to experiment with it go to : .
If you replace the 2 in the URL with 1, you'll end up with an on-line RSS reader. But this I didn't check out, you will have to do that yourself and maybe inform me if it was useful or not.