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21 apr. 2006

Why people hate Microsoft?!

"Why Do People Hate Microsoft?
Tuesday April 18, 2006 8:49AM
by Preston Gralla in Opinion

Bad news for Microsoft: A Forrester Research survey found that Microsoft came in almost dead last when it comes to what technology brands people trust, while Apple, Bose, and Dell led the pack. What is it about Microsoft that consumers don’t like?

In the telephone survey of 4,700 American adults, Microsoft came in 20th out of 22 companies. And that survey was done before Microsoft announced the latest Vista delay.

A Forrester report about the survey warned, “Microsoft faces big consumer defection risk.” It noted that 5.4 million households “know they run Microsoft software but would be just as happy to leave it behind — if they could.”

Why do so many people distrust Microsoft? Some of it, of course, has to do with its size and dominance. People simply don’t like big monopolies.

But it’s more than that. Every time someone gets an incomprehensible error message, a blue screen or death, or they run across one of the many Windows or Office annoyances, that’s one more strike against Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft’s constant delays in introducing software and fixing problems with existing software adds to the problem.

There’s no easy fix for Microsoft; it may take years to regain people’s trust. But if it pays more attention to security, does a better job of fixing bugs, and offers real help rather than bizarre error messages, that will be a start.

And, of course, releasing an operating system on time that works as promised couldn’t hurt, either."

source: Why do people hate Microsoft? - O'Reilly

And my response:

Why do people dislike Microsoft? Is it really because of the big monopolies? Incomprehensive error messages? Blue screen of death? Come on get real! I think people are against Microsoft because I really think that they don't know what they are talking about. I think it is just a way of being cool or not. If Linux is that good, why aren't we all using it? Ok maybe your boss doesn't like open-source stuff. But hey if you think Linux is better you can use it on the system you use at home?! But you don't use it, because it is too difficult or you even don't know how to do it... . Is Linux that much better then Windows? And to be honost I don't care about the monopoly, ... if you think you can do better then Microsoft then the world is for you to take. But don't blame Microsoft because you are not up to it. And by the way I don't get that many blue screens myself, do you? Really? Maybe it is time to follow a course in how to keep your system healthy. A PC is like a car, you have to work on it yourself or go to a garage. I am a happy windows user/programmer. Go Bill go!