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18 mei 2005

palmOne Lifedrive 4 GB

A Palm PDA with a 4 GB hard disk, wow finally a Palm that's useful.
I've been looking for a PDA that I could use as an external hard disk, so it would be easier to share files with my PC and the PDA without running the sync software.

Palm has the T5 that I could use this way, but the disk is rather small, only 250 MB. But with this Lifedrive, you would have an external hard disk of 4 GB.

So I really like this Lifebridge, but why didn't they add a camera to it. Since I have been using the Zire72 I'm taking lot's of photo's and video's of my daughter. Ok the quality isn't that good, the Zire only has a 1.2 Mega-pixel camera, but I'm able to capture a lot of moments I don't want to loose.

Check out the links below, if you want to learn more about this Lifebridge :

palmOne web site