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27 jan. 2006

Visual Studio 2005 cannot compile .NET 1.1

In november of last year, I installed VS 2005 on my machine because it was such an improvement over VS 2003. And we started experimenting with writing code for .NET framework 2.0.

Lat week we came across a Microsoft Research project called ConferenceXP. ConferenceXP is a framework that should make it easier to develop colaboration applications and tools. After test-driving it we saw it had great potential for building a collaboration tool of our own. So we downloaded the source code and opend VS 2005, it asked us if we wanted to convert the project to 2005 so we accepted that. But apparently it's not possible to build ConferenceXP to .NET 2.0 without too much changes. So we thought OK no problem we build it to the 1.1 framwork but there is no way in VS 2005 to do this. Although I found that they are working on a plugin to let this happen.

So I looked into another IDE, free one of course, and I found SharpDevelop. This is a promising IDE made by a guy who wanted to learn C# before there was even a MS IDE to support it. It works alright, although it has quite some bugs in it. But we tried to put the ConferenceXP code beneath it, because with this IDE you have the possibility to select the framework you want even Mono. But there was one big problem we faced. We want to expand ConferenceXP with our own capabilities and for this we have to create a windows form that extends the ConferenceXP CapabilityForm and SharpDevelop is not able to show this form in Design mode. It's complaining about the reference he cannot find although we added it. Maybe I will look into it one day, to fix this but since we are on a tight schedule I have to find another option. So I installed Virtual PC with a Win XP virtual machine running Visual Studio 2003 and this seems to work quite alright.

I am really impressed by Virtual PC, because it has some advantages over VMWare and the most important one I found was the drag and drop mechanism from the host running Virtual PC to the virtual machine.

Have to work on the ConferenceXP capability now.

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At 4:30 p.m., Anonymous Anoniem said...

The biggest problem with resources is that projects created in Visual Studio have a .resx file that SharpDevelop may not be able to compile.

Check the form for the resource file (it's usually forms that get messed up) and make sure that the name of the file matches the name of the class in it. class MainForm should be in a file MainForm.cs and have a MainForm.resx. It should compile OK after that.

If you want to do this by hand you can call resgen but make sure that the output file is mynamespace.myclass.resources and embed the resource with the /r: flag.


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