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13 aug. 2006

PSP firmware 3.0

In my previous post you could read that I really like my PSP and I was dreaming of some applications for it. Now on PSPWereld they have posted some screenshots from the 3.0 firmware and they say they are real. Now what's new on 3.0 according to these pictures?
  1. Sony mail: an email account from sony?!
  2. Sony paint
  3. An alarm clock
  4. Sony organizer
  5. Writepad
  6. Sony music store connection for downloading music
  7. Hard disk - it seems that you can connect your PSP with an external HD

But still no VoIP or GPS ... .


At 10:10 p.m., Anonymous Anoniem said...


At 6:58 p.m., Anonymous psp-master said...

let me tell you the pictures are FAKE i have the 3.00 firmware and there is NO sony paint/alarm clock\Sony organizer\Writepad
here is a list of actual features:
Motion JPEG
cmera ( under pictures) which you can use a camer to take pictures on the psp
visual player for music ( like whats on windows media player)
certificate utility ( under game) i dont know whats that is for as of yet
remote play (to play games of the ps3 hard disk)
online instruction manuals
umd auto start ( so you can stop umd's auto starting when pc is swithced on)

thats all i have found so far enjoy ya psp update :)


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