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This blog is in the first case meant for myself so I don't forget interesting stuff. So you will find lots of useless topics, but there will certainly be also readings that might interest you. Lots of the items will go about my family, things we do or don't do but also about software, cars, gadgets, music, etc ... .

2 jun. 2005


A couple of months ago I was having a car-2-car brainstorm with a couple of my colleagues. At some moment in time we came up with an idea that you could tune in to cars around you and that you could listen to their music or even have a chat with the car's driver. It stopped for us as a nice idea, but today I came across this Roadcasting web site.

Roadcasting is exactly about what we were thinking about then, except that they just implemented the music part. Maybe I'll take a look at their source code and add the chit-chat part myself.

I'll keep you all posted !