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28 jan. 2006

New Scientist Breaking News - Invention: The moody media player

Patents, patents, patents!!! Aparently this is the only way to earn money these days. I work for a research department of a big telecommunications company and we also have to write lots of patents, which is not always easy because you don't always have bright ideas.

But it seems that at Disney they have still some bright folks running around, especially those new Pixar employees. This aside Disney has filed a patent that couples mood to selecting music on a media player. So if you feel sad you will most probably hear some music to cheer you up. But you have to put some sensors around your wrists to do so.

Actually it's a nice idea, because I always have a hard time to find the correct music for the mood I am in. But will it ever become available, if it does Disney will get better of it.

New Scientist Breaking News - Invention: The moody media player

Click here if you want to read the patent, but if you're not used to reading patents you will have a hard time understanding it.

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