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7 jan. 2010

Weird iPhone SMS interaction

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Whenever I receive an SMS on my iPhone, it is shown on the welcome screen. When I unlock the phone, I see the iPhones main menu with the number of received SMS messages shown on top of the SMS application icon, this isn't what I expect it to be. I would have expected that from the moment I unlock the phone my SMS messages would be shown or at least the last one so that I can immediately reply. This really irritates me, it is not behaving like I expect it to be!

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At 9:16 p.m., Anonymous Anoniem said...

I find it really stupid that something likes this "really irritates" you.

There are more important (real) things in the world to worry about.

Moreover, it's a totally wrong way of reasoning. If you buy an iPhone and it functions that way, it functions that way. You can't ask of a product it's behaving like you (as in you individually) expect. If I push the brake pedal of my car and it loses speed, it's totally stupid to say "it is not behaving as I expect it to do" when I expected it to speed up.


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