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28 aug. 2005

Network blues part II

I am convinced that computers have a mind of their own... or is it just bad engineering that we put into these machines? Today I am again struggling with my network, the wireless part now. I have a wireless router at home which just works fine with my personal laptop, desktop PC and my Palm Zire. But when I want to hook up my laptop from work onto it, the connection works for about 2 minutes and then it breaks down. Windows XP tells me that it has found some wireless networks and asks me if I want to connect to one. Again I pick my wireless router, and everything works just fine for... again 2 minutes and the whole scenario start all over again.

I am at the point of ripping the damn wireless out of the laptop, but then my boss certainly will look mad at me. So I plugged in a 3Com PCM-CIA wireless card into the laptop and now everythings works just fine. So is this just bad communication between the built-in wireless or does it prevent me to do some work when at home? Think I'll write that report tomorrow morning when I am at the office.