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6 sep. 2006

Google Image labeler

These guys at Google are really clever and innovative. Don't know if you take a lot of pictures and put them on web sites like Flickr? If you do so maybe you also want to label or tag them so that you can easily find them back or create sets with similar labels/tags. Then you also must admit that is a really time consuming job to give "good" tags to your pictures.

Now Google comes to the rescue! They have come up with a game that you can play with a friend or with a totally random person that makes tagging photos a bit more fun. During the game you get a series of pictures that you each have to label and the goal is to write down the same label as the other contestant in order to gain points. So you write down labels that pop into your mind when you see a photo, and when Google finds out that the other contestant uses a similar label you gain points.

What I miss a bit is that you should be able to give up your Flickr address and play this game with your own sets of photos... .

Click here if you wantto give it a try.

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