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31 aug. 2005

Microsoft's Virtual earth

Another cool application from Microsoft. By the way I will not use the dollar signs anymore when I write Microsoft. I've done a lot of reading about Microsoft lately and I looked at their research pages and stuff. Respect, respect, respect! From now on I am going to pay for the MS software!

So I wanted to tell something about this virtual earth project. Well it looks a bit like Google earth, etc. But a feature I really like in there is the locate me button, when you press it shows where you are on the map.

All you need is actually a WiFi capable device (laptop, PDA, etc.), this will then pick up the signals of the wireless access points in your neighbourhood and with triangulation they calculate where you are. It's actually a nice idea, I don't always have my GPS with me, but my PDA with WiFi card I have.

The only downside is that for the moment it isn't working for us Europeans. So Microsoft open up this AP database that I can put in the ones I know of :-)