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16 feb. 2006

i-mate SP3i

Last weekend we went on a city trip to Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the home town of those consumer electronics guys from Philips. The centre of Eindhoven is very small, but they have lots of shops. They even have a Mac shop, which I unfortunately didn't visit.

Besides window shopping, we also went to a nearby zoo. People who read this blog regularily know that we love visting zoos. So, it was the ideal time to use the camera on my new smartphone, the i-mate SP3i. Here are the results of the visit to Overloon zoo!

I really find that the images are not that bad, although there is a lot of green in them. But for blogging purposes they are good enough. The only problem I had was that I was not able to zoom in because I installed another version of the OS. But that's not the problem of the phone.

For the rest the phone has some bugs. E.g. if you drop it by accident, it shuts down. The buttons are a bit too small, although I have those piano-man fingers. Didn't find the autolock yet, so I have to do that manually. And it is also a pitty that you have to remove the battery for inserting a SD-card. And I really would have liked windows mobile 5.0 on it, but unfortunately it's still 2003.

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