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This blog is in the first case meant for myself so I don't forget interesting stuff. So you will find lots of useless topics, but there will certainly be also readings that might interest you. Lots of the items will go about my family, things we do or don't do but also about software, cars, gadgets, music, etc ... .

27 apr. 2005

Music Stars Real Names

If you want to know the real names of pop and rock stars, visit the web address below.

Music Stars Real Names

Have fun !

Google suggest

Every once in a while I go to the Google labs web site to explore some goodies they've put online.
Today I came across Google suggest which is like the regular Google search, but while you type in the words you get suggestions. E.g. if I type Freddie Google suggests Freddie Mercury etc ... .

How does it work ? Well the algorithms uses a wide range of information to predict the queries users are most likely to want to see. For example, Google Suggest uses data about the overall popularity of various searches to help rank the refinements it offers.

Just try it out, it'll be my new search engine from now on :-)

26 apr. 2005


No it's not another blog about my visit to the zoo of Planckendael !

O’Reilly codeZoo O’Reilly codeZoo

CodeZoo is a website that keeps track of some freely available, reusable components written in the Java language. They have listed components for different projects, they range from components to query databases to components for building 3D games, from components to build mobile phone apps to full blown web applications, etc ... .
It's worth having a look at it, and hopefully more components will be added soon.

22 apr. 2005

1st birthday @ the zoo

To celebrate my daughter Cammie her 1st birthday we spent the whole day at Planckendael zoo. It really was a beautiful day here in Belgium, the sun was shining and the temperature was about 18 degrees Celsius.

My 1st birthday @ Planckendael zoo

21 apr. 2005

Queen - The show must go on

Yesterday evening I went together with a friend of mine to Queen's Non smoking show in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium.

I am a hard core fan ever since I heard my father play Bohemian Rhapsody, but I never had the chance to see them play in the flesh. Since Freddie Mercury died of aids, I was sure I would never see them perform live.

But now I had the chance altough it wasn't with my favourite singer Freddie but with this guy Paul Rodgers which I had never heard of. But men this guy Paul knows really how to play rock and roll. I was really impressed by his performance, from time to time I even totally forgot that he wasn't the original Queen frontman.

If you like Queen or if you are a Paul Rodgers fan buy a ticket because this show really rocks. Even my friend who just came along to do me a favour enjoyed it ! The show must go on !

Setlist they played yesterday:

01 Reachin Out
02 Tie Your Mother Down
03 I Want To Break Free
04 Fat Bottomed Girls
05 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
06 Say It`s Not True (Roger on Vocals)
07 `39
08 Love Of My life
09 Hammer To Fall
10 Feel Like Making Love
11 Let There Be Drums (Cover of Sandy Nelson)
12 I'm In Love With My Car
13 Guitar Solo
14 Last Horizon
15 These Are The Days Of Our Lives
16 Radio Ga Ga
17 Can't Get Enough of Your Love
18 A Kind Of Magic
19 I Want It All
20 Bohemian Rhapsody
Encore Break
21 The Show Must Go On
22 All Right Now
23 We Will Rock You
24 We Are The Champions
25 God Save The Queen

6 apr. 2005

The return of Jaws

Unfortunately it's not a sequel of the famous movie starring Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss but a shark-like submarine made for investigating shark behaviours.

The shark submarine has been made by Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of the famous oceanographer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau. The basic idea behind the shark is to become one with the animal to better understand it.

For more information and photographs go to the Wired article : Cousteau Sub Mimics Great White.

1 apr. 2005

Google and finding the ride of your life

Repost from Slashdot !

"Need a ride? Now Google has included the ability to lookup where taxis are in real time! The new service is called Google Ride Finder. Using a combination of Google Maps and Google Local you can see where certain taxis are at the moment. Currently there are only 11 major cities that are supported, and there are still only a few cab companies that are involved. The service is pretty cool, but if they don't add more cities/companies, who knows how well it will do. For more info check out Google's Blog."

Another application would be to track ice cream vans, because I never seem to be able to figure out if one is in our neighbourhood or not.