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This blog is in the first case meant for myself so I don't forget interesting stuff. So you will find lots of useless topics, but there will certainly be also readings that might interest you. Lots of the items will go about my family, things we do or don't do but also about software, cars, gadgets, music, etc ... .

14 okt. 2006

Windows Live Writer

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Windows Live Writer for maintaining this blog. Before I used the Blogger web site everytime I wanted to post something. The problem with Blogger is that you cannot use it while offline. Ok, I could use MS Word or even Notepad and afterwards paint it into Blogger... . But Windows Live Writer is an incredible tool for writing blog posts, I really like. Moreover there exists an SDK so you could really personalize to tool to your need and create your own plug-ins or download some. I normally use Technorati tags in my blog posts and even for this I found a plug-in which does the trick.

Check it out yourself at the Writer site


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Ikea!

I've seen lots of clever web sites but this one is really... fantastico. You know the Amazon type of commercial web sites with a photo of the product, and then some text containing info about the author, the price, etc. Now Ikea has made some kind of appartment style web site. You enter a flat where somebody is ironing and you can select some clothes, then this guy walks to a closet and opens it, or somebody else enters the room and opens another closet, etc. And you can shift between appartment flats. It's like TV commercial but specially made for the web. Well I really cannot explain it, just go to the web site and you'll know what I mean.



13 okt. 2006

Java courses in Second Life


Sun has built a pavilion in second life where developers are able to test code they have written, follow courses, etc. Now when your boss tells you cannot go to JavaOne... you can attend it virtually ;-) 

Link to Sun Finds a Home in Second Life

6 okt. 2006

Opel's Extendable Bike Rack Hides When Not In Use - Gizmodo


A couple of years back when I still had my Volkswagen Golf I bought a very expensive rack to put my mountain bike on. A couple of years later I got a company car, an Opel Astra, and my rack didn't fit anymore.... But luckily it was a break so I could put my bike in the back of the car, but sometimes the bikes are dirty and then you have to clean the car. Again some years later I got a new company car, a Renault this time, I still have the rack but it still doesn't fit.

But now Opel apparently came up with some clever idea to put a bike rack under the car behind the rear bumper. If you need it, you just have to pull it out. I wander what my next company car will be... . 

Link to Opel's Extendable Bike Rack Hides When Not In Use - Gizmodo

4 okt. 2006

Microsoft Zune digital media player


There are already a lot of media players on the market, the most famous one is the well-known iPod. Now Microsoft tries to enter the market with their own player called the Zune. In Dutch it resembles very much the word "zoen" which means kiss in English. But hell I don't want a kiss from this ugly thing... . At first sight it looks like the iPod, but at a second glance it looks just like a cheap rip off. Wait I am not talking about the specs or the features, because they look okay to me, but the casing is so damn ugly. Microsoft please have a quick look at the iPods and the Creatives out there - they are not great but they certainly aren't ugly. The Zune is! 

Link to Photo Galleries > Microsoft Zune digital media player