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16 sep. 2006

UX Magazine - Design 101 - for programmers

Designers and programmers should work hand in hand together on a project. I, as a programmer, am very aware of this but some of my fellow programmers slash colleagues are not that convinced. Some of them call designing window dressing, making the programme programmers write look pretty. But it goes indeed much further then this. Your code might be awesome but if your user interface sucks, nobody will even want to use your magnificent code.

So guys maybe it is not such a bad thing to read this article. It is not about window dressing it is about making user wanting to use the programmes you have written.

Link to UX Magazine - Design 101 - for programmers

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7 sep. 2006

Ex-Microsoft Security Strategist Joins Mozilla

I thought everybody believes that Microsoft's security is really bad. So why is Mozilla hiring Window Snyder (with such a name you should stay with MS)?

Link to Ex-Microsoft Security Strategist Joins Mozilla

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6 sep. 2006

Noah Kalina everyday

When you look back to photographs of yourself of about 6 years ago, sometimes you cannot imagine how much you have changed. Noah Kalina, who is a photographer in New York city, took a picture of him every day during 6 years and made a small movie of it.

I am going to try it with my 2 daughters, so that I can see them really growing up. Now people tell me how much they changed since last time they saw them. But for me it is like I don't see that much of a change but if just would take a photo everyday or every week, the evolution will certainly be visible to my eyes as well.

You certainly have to check out his web site because he has a lot of nice pictures on it as well.

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Google Image labeler

These guys at Google are really clever and innovative. Don't know if you take a lot of pictures and put them on web sites like Flickr? If you do so maybe you also want to label or tag them so that you can easily find them back or create sets with similar labels/tags. Then you also must admit that is a really time consuming job to give "good" tags to your pictures.

Now Google comes to the rescue! They have come up with a game that you can play with a friend or with a totally random person that makes tagging photos a bit more fun. During the game you get a series of pictures that you each have to label and the goal is to write down the same label as the other contestant in order to gain points. So you write down labels that pop into your mind when you see a photo, and when Google finds out that the other contestant uses a similar label you gain points.

What I miss a bit is that you should be able to give up your Flickr address and play this game with your own sets of photos... .

Click here if you wantto give it a try.

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5 sep. 2006


Finally an integrated subversion tool for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005.
Haven't checked it out myself yet, but will report on it probably tomorrow.

Click here for the website.

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1 sep. 2006

PSP GPS and cam get Japanese prices / release dates - Engadget

Ok now we are talking... . Maybe my dream will become true some day, skyping with my PSP. Well in november Sony will bring out the first PSP cameras - Japanese market. So dudes from skype contact these guys from Sony and make my wet dream come true.

And apparently they also made a GPS receiver for the PSP which will come out in december at least for the Japanese market. But it will come without any GPS software?! Will it be made available in firmware updates? And how will the input be handled?! The PSP has no touch screen only a couple of buttons, I hope they have some intelligent usability engineers to come up with a good mechanism.

If you want some pictures, follow the link below!

Link to PSP GPS and cam get Japanese prices / release dates - Engadget

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